Briefing 42: Incomes increased for the richest last year, but fell for everyone else

The richest fifth of the UK population saw their incomes increase by £940 in 2013. But incomes were down by £250 for the other 80% of the population... and by £381 for the poorest fifth

Incomes increased for the richest fifth of the population last year, but fell for everyone else

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Explaining the data

This data compares the ‘equivalised disposable household income’ for 2011/12 and 2012/13. It was published by the Office for National Statistics as part of ‘the effects of UK tax and benefits on household income 2012/13 study.’ ONS have found that the recession did have a small effect on reducing inequality, but it now looks as though inequality maybe set to increase. The figures are available online via uk/ons/publications/re-reference-tables.html?edition=tcm%3A77-333039 

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