The Inequality Briefing is a collective project.  In particular it has been supported by Sir Tony Atkinson, Deputy Director, Economic Modelling, Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School. 

Writing about the project Sir Tony Atkinson said:

"Inequality Briefing is an excellent initiative that I greatly welcome. Economics is too often discussed in terms of growth and GDP, whereas our real concern should be with what happens to individuals and their families. And when one looks at individuals, one realises that Britain is a highly unequal country. There is an ever-widening gulf between the top and the bottom – a gulf that is socially unjust and damaging to the fabric of our society. The existence of inequality is evident from statistical tables, but these need to be brought to life. Inequality Briefing will, I hope, bring home to people the real meaning of inequality in our society today."

Inequality Briefing is managed by the High Pay Centre think- tank and  supported by a range of organisations and individuals. The project has received donations in kind from Dr Lindsey Macmillan, Lecturer in Economics, University of London, Dr Robert de Vries, Early Career Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Dr Ben Baumberg, Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy, University of Kent and DHA Communications and financial support from Charles Diamond, an economic consultant and theatre producer

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